The Goddess Collection

There’s nothing like the beginning, a brand new start. Here at Bijou we are very excited to bring something new to the market. We share an interest in exploring fashion and art in terms of tennis equipment. Our ultimate intention is to make every woman to ‘’shine on the court’’, to make her feel like a goddess and enjoy every moment of playing tennis.

We are incredibly proud to present you our limited edition tennis racquets; “The Goddess Collection”. Such is the attention to detail that it took over a year to perfect every element of these luxury racquets; from the dimensions of the frame, to exact shade of each color, to crystal alignment. The new racquets blend an unmistakable aesthetic with uncompromising performance, to create an exceptional object of desire.

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  • Pictures don’t do it justice! I got the Rose Goddess and the racquet is absolutely stunning. I have never received more compliments on a tennis court.

    Thank you Bijou!

    Sarah S


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