About Us


New York City is not only home to the US OPEN, but also where everything in fashion is happening – and happening first. In 2016, Bijou was born with extraordinary spirit in mind in the fashion capital of the world. Inspired by the spectacular New York City skyline, Bijou’s first luxury tennis racquet was designed on the 35th floor Chelsea apartment, just a few blocks from the fashion district. While it took several months to perfect every detail of the first collection, we are certainly very proud and excited to bring the final product to you. 


The company was founded by a former 3x All-American college tennis player, who has a work experience from a prestigious country club to a reputable tennis academy to a top Italian fashion house. Growing up in Europe Ms. Rozite attended an Art School which offered an in-depth teaching in art and craft subjects, where she first developed appreciation for craftsmanship. Coming from an entrepreneurial family Ms. Rozite always knew she will have her own business. After obtaining a MBA in Marketing and meeting the right business partner who shared the vision, Bijou was launched in January 2017 in New York City.


Bijou’s mission is to bring little more happiness and enjoyment through physical activity. We do so by supporting various established local New York and national tennis charities. Providing a portion of our proceeds to promote community tennis programs is close to our hearts. Our own dream is to create a ‘’Shine in Life’’ foundation empowering girls to achieve their brightest goals. We strongly believe that every girl can be a star in her chosen path if given the opportunity.